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TV Series, Spain, 2018

In Development


Yuliana (34), Puerto Rican, is a film producer, married to her work and her phone. In an appointment to her gynecologist, in the middle of the preproduction of her new film, Yuliana discovers that she has precancerous cells in the uterus and that she has two years to be able to procreate. She not only wants to have children, but she has always wanted to have a family, and the news dislodges her. Before this crisis, she abandons everything and goes for "spiritual retreat" to Santiago de Compostela, a place she visited as a university student with her friends Lili and Alba and of which she keeps very good memory. Installed in her new city, while trying to reconnect with herself, Yuliana opens a profile in the dating app, Tinder. Dates do not take long to arrive and spend several weeks staying for a "coffee" with her galician "matches". Yuliana wants love, wants a happy family, with a house and a dog; but soon she realizes that even with galician men, this is looking for a needle in a haystack. In addition, she wants to succeed in her work. Is it possible to have everything? Yuliana takes advantage of early mornings to talk on the web with her friends "from the other side of the pond", who guide her on that uncertain path towards something that everyone calls LOVE, but none of them understands exactly what it is.

@MOR is a series about sex and love from the point of view of a "xennial"2 woman framed in technology and cultural differences between the Caribbean and the Galicians. Although Yuliana loves her work, the men, her family and her friends, little by little she learns that love begins by loving herself.

2-A woman born between Generation X and Millennials

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