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An epic love story between a tropical geisha and a Caribbean samurai


Juan Encarnación was once the most feared man; a man of few words and great actions, most of them with machetes. Everything changed when he met the love of his life, Pura. She converted him into a quiet family man. His idyllic life is destroyed when, bewitched by her beauty, capricious Walker Jr. kidnaps Pura. Carrying his baby daughter on his back and with machete in hand, Encarnación will do whatever it takes to rescue her.

Festivals and Awards

Cartagena Meetings, Cartagena de las Indias International Film Festival in Colombia;

Production and Screenwriting Lab Cinergia Lab in Costa Rica;

Ibermedia Development Funding;

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab;

MEETS Market Panamá.

in development

Directed by Ray Figueroa

Puerto Rico | Dominican Republic

Fiction feature film

Once Upon a Time in the Caribbean

Érase una Vez en el Caribe

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